Essay On Texas Government

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Being the Texas Governor does not come with all the power to do your own public policies and act to your desire. Over time, governments have learned to set well planned and strategic checks and balances have been set in government with the purpose of maintaining a balance where public policies not only benefit one group but all, hopefully resulting with an optimal democracy. After the civil war, the writers of the Texas Constitution of 1876 made sure to weaken the power that the government had. The dilution of power was strategically done by dispersing power among a variety of independently elected officials. The delegated powers were simply responsibilities and powers where same political ideology and political party affiliation was not needed. The delegation of power to other officials created what is often called the Executive Plural System. Giving too much power to one person tends easier to result in taking biased decision to benefit only certain groups and then leads to discrimination of groups. Very smartly, the Texas has a plural executive system which fragments power among multiple offices and these…show more content…
President, who with Senate approval appoints his cabinet, the Texas Governor has to be more cautious with his/her public policy as executive power is shared with other executive officers. A limited power does not mean they cannot implement their priorities and policies; in the contrary the executive plural system creates a more efficient and balance system that benefits everyone. Unlike the U.S. executive power, Governors and Executive officers in Texas must find indirect and informal ways to build on their limited formal powers. Governors must be able to utilize their public position and symbolic representation to influence politics and policy. It has been proven for governors how personality and image in public media can build and maintain the loyalty of both voters and powerful political elites is the key to exercising this
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