Texas Political Culture

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Role of Texas Political Culture Texas citizens play an instrumental role in it political system. Due to the nature of the State’s history Texas has become extremely diverse. Texas citizens play a vital role in taken in actions taken by their government. The citizens’ interests are taken into account throughout their political system. After reading this essay you should have a general understanding of interest groups, political parties, the election process, rights and responsibilities of the citizens as well as key issues. Public opinion, interest groups, and political parties are the foundation in which Texas politics were built upon. Public opinion is the peoples view on political actions amongst the government. It is noted that public opinion matters for three reasons:(1) citizens’ political actions are driven by their opinions, (2) public opinion helps explain the behavior of candidates, political parties, and other political actors; politicians look to public opinion to determine what citizens (3) public opinion can also shed light on the reasons for specific policy outcomes”…show more content…
Primary election is held on the second Tuesday in March during even-numbered years. Primary elections are required to be use by the Democratic and Republican parties to choose their candidates for general elections. A general election is held every even-numbered year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The purpose of general election is to elect officeholders. Special Election are multifunctional and can be call sporadically unlike primary and general election. The County election commission ran by each county judge, and also consist of the county clerk, county tax assessor-collector, and the county presiding officer. In order to be a judge the individual has to be a resident in the county in which they are serving they must also be qualified

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