John And Alan Lomax's Impact On Modern Popular Music

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John Avery Lomax was born in 1867 in Mississippi. In 1869 he moved to Bosque County in Texas where he spent his younger days working the the fields of his family farm. John Lomax gained interest in songs and poems at an early age, he’d often hear others singing cowboy or campfire songs and learn them himself. The songs John Lomax learnt were documented in the form of songbooks and recordings, and unbeknown to him, they would go on to become one of the most renowned music collections in music history. John Lomax’s son, Alan Lomax, joined John at the age of eighteen on their first expedition to collect folk songs in 1933. During the many years John and Alan spent together, travelling around making recordings, they built up an extensive portfolio filled with recordings of prisoners, farmers and church singers. They even got some of the first recorded evidence of future music icons, Muddy Waters and Leadbelly. In this essay I will discuss the life of and the collection compiled by John and Alan Lomax, and it’s impact on modern popular music.…show more content…
Lomax’s success as a public speaker also lead him to become a secretary of the University Faculty in Austin. He was granted time off from his work in the summer to collect songs, this lead to his first book which was called ‘Cowboy Songs and Frontier Ballads’. The book was published in 1910, and there was an introduction from President Theodore Roosevelt. In the introduction Roosevelt formally praised Lomax on his collection stating that “You have done a work emphatically worth doing and one which should appeal to the people of all our country, but particularly to the people of the west and southwest.” The book was received well and stayed in print for 19 years. After the release of his book, John Lomax became a well known

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