Argumentative Essay On Texas Government

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Texas State government currently has a part-time legislation that meets once every other year. That’s only 140 days every two years to try to solve any current issue by passing a law. U.S. congress’s leaders are the vice president and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, neither of whom are voted on by the people, which creates a division between the people and the laws. An ideal Legislature would be similar to the Texas legislature except it would be full-time, like U.S. congress, and it would have the public picking the senate leader and the entire house electing the speaker of the house. A full-time legislative branch gives members more time in session so they can have the opportunity to educate themselves therefore making rational decisions about policies being introduced. What often happens in Texas is that legislatures do not have time to fully read into the policies and they have to have outside resources look into them. This gives the outside groups power because they can control the…show more content…
Electing the leaders this way causes them to be loyal to the people and its fellow members rather than a political party. Currently, The United States speaker for the House of Representatives is elected by the majority party in the house and the leader of the senate is the vice president. Without the power to vote directly for the chambers spokesmen, the people do not have much say if any in the legislature. The senate and the house have both agree to pass a bill, this gives the people more power because the house cannot pass a bill without the senate’s approval. Ideally, citizens should be able to directly elect some who has such a strong influence, such as assigning bills and the calendar of the topics covered in the session, rather than simply picking members who can only

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