Diffusion Process In Uniqlo

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Introduction for Diffusion Process The diffusion of process is concerned with how innovation spread, that is, how they are assimilated with in the market. "Diffusion is the process by which the acceptance of an innovation (a new product,service,idea and practice) is being spread by the communication (mass media,marketer,and mouth to mouth conversation) to member of social system over a period of time. Chosen topics : UNIQLO, the logo of UNIQLO has e meaning that is to inspires the world to dress casual. When this company was first founded by Tadashi Yanai on March 1949 it stands under the name “Men”s shop OS (Ogori Shoji)” which is only selling affordable man’s clothing in Japan. On May 1984, the head of the company ( Tadashi Yanai ) decided to open a unisex casual wear store which was first operated in Fukuro-Machi, Naka-Ku and Hirshima uder the name “Unique Clothing Warehouse”. Over the course of time again the name of the company was changed to UNIQLO which is actually the short form of “Unique Clothing Warehouse” and this happens on September 1991. After the name changes and the customers from Japan which is their country of origin starts to know the quality of UNIQLO they began to keep on expanding the store which resulted on April 1994 where the company went public on the Hiroshima Stock Exchange.…show more content…
Shun means having the best timing but at the same time are also a trend, something that’s updated and just in time, neither early nor late. The company offers basic clothing but the basics that are current that responds to what’s going on today in art while Kino-bi means functions and beauty joined together. The clothing's are presented in an organized way with a rational manner which when combines together creates an artistic patterns and rhythms. All these qualities reflects the defining characteristics of modern Japanese cultures.” -Nobuo Domae, CEO of UNIQLO USA ( April 2007

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