Persuasive Essay On Tablets Vs Textbooks

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Would someone rather walk down a crowded hallway with three heavy textbooks or would someone like to walk down the same hallway with a lightweight tablet? I’m sure the answer would be the second choice. Many people would choose tablets over the heavy textbooks, teachers have us read in school. The people that are making this choice are actually affecting whole districts for their schools. The tablets are get picked from Google and Apple, have been helping children learn in different ways. There is a profusion amount of pros about tablets that schools should consider while choosing tablets over textbooks. Tablets should make an impact on schools because they are lighter, cheaper for schools and have up to date information compared to textbooks. The lightweight tablets are what I would use for school if I had a choice. The tablets bought for schools or purchased by the families themselves would make a great influence on schools. Tablets would be better than textbooks…show more content…
The fact that if tablets is a cost that they don’t need to worry about as much is something they are looking for. Tablets can be purchased in bulk and get cheaper the more that is purchased. The FCC says that today’s tablets can cost up to $250 per unit, but will get lowered to about $150 once bought in bulk for schools. As a choice the light weight chromebooks that some schools have been priced at $199. Once parents realize that textbooks being the very highest amount they are, they will be on board to helping pay for the tablets. The textbooks that the school districts purchase every year is about $7 billion, and not to mention the textbooks are so out of date. The FCC estimates that they will save around $3 million every year if they jump onto the tablet bandwagon. The textbooks being more expensive will help the students and teachers realize that the tablets are their best

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