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The Struggles of Immigrants Did you know there are 244 million immigrants in the world? If they had a country of their own, it would be the fifth largest country in the world. Immigration is a complex process that has many challenges to the families migrating. The United States is known as the ‘melting pot’ of the world. Everywhere a person looks he will find some immigrants since the Unites States is reliant on immigration since the beginning. In the 1500s, the Spanish and French migrated to America to establish what would be known today as the Unites States of America. However, the United States is not the only country that welcomes immigrants, countries such as Canada, Austria and the United Kingdom greet immigrants with open arms. Nevertheless, Immigrants face many challenges when moving to a new country, some of these challenges are learning a new language, adjusting to the culture and finding jobs. It is not great a surprise that learning a new language is an extensive challenge for the individuals migrating to a foreign country. Not knowing the language in a country leaves a person completely blind of his surrounding. Without…show more content…
Immigrants who were educated and had stable jobs in their country often find it difficult to acquire a similar job in the country they are migrating too. This happens because the majority of the certificates do not transfer in the United States. In view of that fact, immigrants take any job they are capable to secure, which makes not abnormal to find a taxi driver that previously was an engineer (Nuñez). Additionally, employers often take advantage of the desperateness of immigrants to find a job, which often leads the employer to paying them less or even administer them dangerous tasks. Furthermore, employers also take advantage of immigrants that do not speak the native language of the country by forcing them to assume that they do not have rights in the country they are

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