Kenyah Speigner's The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club Kenyah Speigner Summarizing Essay The Joy Luck Club is a story about 16 different stories between Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-Raised daughters.The book starts off in Jing-Mei’s life story.She is on a trip to China to find her half-sister twins, Chwun Yu and Chwun Hwa. The sisters had to stay in China because Jing Mei’s mother, Suyuan, was forced to leave them on roadside during the Japanese invasion on Kweilin during World War II.Suyuan tried to return to China for her other daughters, but failed to find them before her death.Jing Mei has to take her mother’s place playing mahjong in a weekly gathering her mother organized in China and started again in San Francisco:The Joy Club.The other members are Lindo,Ying…show more content…
In the first four stories , the mothers are recalling their relationships with their own mothers. They are afraid that their daughters memories of them won't be the same as the ones that they have of their mothers.In the second section, the daughters:Waverly,Jing-mei,Lena,and Rose, tell the stories of their childhood relationships with their mothers. In the third section of stories the four daughters tell their adult life such as troubles in marriage and careers. Although they believe that their mother’s ideas do not pertain to their American lifestyles, their search for solution brings them back to their relationships with the old generation. In the final group of stories, the mothers struggle to offer help to support their daughters, in the process of them learning more about themselves.Lindo recognizes that her daughter Waverly has been changed by the American culture.Ying-ying realizes that Lena has broken the rules in her marriage to Harold Livonty. An-mei realizes that Rose has not completely understood the lessons she intended to teach her about faith and hope.The Joy Luck Club made a lot of good points about

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