The Negative Speech: Digital Storm Chasers

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Digital Storm Chasers If you are presuming that the title refers to a group of digital experts chasing the digital disruption of this age then you are making a huge mistake, because the title Digital-Storm-Chasers belongs to anyone and everyone living in this time. Let’s find out why. Regardless of realization, we are living through a time where disruption is the engine and digital, its fuel. Let’s take a reality check for instance. If you remember opening an account on Facebook during its newborn years, you can map the upsurge of social media and digitization of almost everything till today; till the smallest detail in our daily life transcending to social media posts, at the least. You might be asking – Aren’t we all aware of this? The…show more content…
Hence, around a week ago, I managed to embark on the third floor of Grameenphone; a digital kitchen where innovative products and services are being cooked up to future proof quite a few things; which we will look into in a moment. One hard fact to concede is that, we mostly view the tip of the digital ice berg, while most of its working is a complex web of trial and error, experimentation, and bravery; building down below the vantage point. But with a little more understanding of its nature, every one of us has the power to not just leverage benefit but also help progress the country. At Grameenphone, the digital division works in two aspects, often in combination. One is developing its own digital products and the other is partnering with global companies. “We drive digital ambitions both by developing own services and through partnerships. Tie-up with global partners ensures localization of solutions and utilizes partners’ assets and positioning in the market. On the other hand, local partnership promotes local developers and facilitates monetization opportunity from local market. Digital Partnership is crucial for users to enjoy all vertical of services and provides them with more

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