Persuasive Essay On People With Disabilities

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Disabled people can sometimes achieve accomplishments that people without any mental /physical problems, can’t. There are many researchers that prove that people with disabilities are definitely able to achieve their goals and win accomplishments people without disabilities may not be able to achieve. Some people think “disabilities”, is an idea of what someone cannot do, or something physically/ mentally wrong with a person, that prevents them from doing something as most humans can do. When most people look at a person with a disability, most people view a disability as a negative way towards sports and much more. Disabilities can limit someone on the other hand, but in the same time, it is not impossible for a disabled person to achieve their goals…show more content…
The amputation left him with nothing below his knees. Hassan got his first prosthetic legs when he was 14 months old”. But that never stopped him from pursuing his dream which is wrestling, Hassan loved to wrestle with his babysitter, called Duke Frison. He pretended that he was a wrestler on TV. He loved to watch WWE. He would climb to the top of his couch. In his mind, it was the wrestling ring. Then he threw himself down. Sometimes Hassan hits his head.Duke Frison said he would “start laughing and go right back to having fun.” But that is only how it started Now Hassan is a famous wrestler and is very well known, going back to his wrestling career He won all 37 of his matches in the wrestling season. Hasaan was the state champion. This evidence shows how much persistence a lot of disabled people have and like I said he achieved something that the not disabled people couldn’t, and that was winning all of his wrestling matches and getting first place but the people without the disability he had were not able to achieve that. This shows that even disabled can achieve accomplishments people that are not dealing with a disability

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