Essay On South Korea Economic Development

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Transport infrastructure is one of the most important element of the development of a country that transport infrastructure helps boosting a country’s economy. In the past three decades, South Korea has developed with rapid economic increase. Transport infrastructural development has been playing an important of South Korean economic growth. Seoul, the capital city of South Korea would be the most important to the economic development to South Korea. After the Second World War Korea was separated into the North and the South by the Soviet Union and the United State. Then, in 1950, the Korea War was broken out between North Korea and South Korea. The Korea War was ended after 3 years in 1953 that the UN Command signed the Armistice Agreement. Although the war was ended, South Korea was seriously damaged and South Korea was undergoing a hard time that a lot of infrastructure was damaged and South Korea was very poor that the economy was in a very difficult situation. However, starting from 1960, the economy of South Korea has been raising increasingly and rapidly which was called as the Miracle on the Han River. The second president of South Korea, Park Chung Hee, implemented the Five-Year Plans to help reforming the economy of South Korea. These plans aimed to make economic growth and strengthen political stability through industrialization, modernization, urbanization, technological advancement, etc. The South Korean government started building highways, railways, bridges, etc. to build up the transportation system of the…show more content…
The domestic transportation improved greatly during 1980s and the improvement of the system increased the availability of the vehicles and the mobility of the

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