1984 Theme Essay

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The film 1984 has many important themes one of the major aspect is surveillance “big brother” this term shows that our life is not secure governments have the power of interfering in our private information. The film shows how the Winston lives a hard life and fully controlled from the big brother, Winston have loved a girl called Julian over days of love they decided to have sexual relationship. So Winston reserved a private and safe room no one can look at him, after they end of this night Winston didn’t expected that the big brother were watching him and his idea were not isolated. This issue is exist in our modern world, our modern world is controlled and watched by government. For example, in our modern world the idea of the personal…show more content…
The second theme were shows in the film 1984 is the social structure system. The film shows an enormous gap between the rich and poor people, how the high man status is controlling poor man. They have rights different than any other such as being able to briefly turn off their telescreens, living in comfortable homes, have good food and drink. The film shoes the lower class of workers that make the majority of basic tasks and labors. They are in the poorest of conditions although they aren’t freedom and having the same rights of the other party’s, the other party have the fully freedom and they can spy on the lower class. The last theme the film have been shoeing is technology. Since technology on aspect of modernity so it is liked to our modern world. The movie gives idea of how people are watched everywhere by the CCTV .In the movie the TV sometime look like the project screen, but in our modern day we have TV but it’s not similar to the film 1984. We have advanced technology small camera to spy on other, high quality of screen for the television. Other technology the film show is the aircrafts for the army, in our modern world we have developed airplane and weapon for the army
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