Fritz Haber: Science Is The Key To Our Future

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“Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back.” Stated by Bill Nye. I personally agreed to the statement, I think science is the basis of life; it tells about the Earth, Universe, and Life. Without scientists technologies wouldn’t be improved, invention wouldn’t appeared, theories wouldn’t be proved and the ancient times wouldn’t be revealed. Without science the world would have been like 1000000 years ago when humans were haunting animals for food and living in a cape using fire for light. One of the most amazing scientists in the world is Fritz Haber; he is a German scientist during the years 1868 and 1934. Fritz Haber was born on December 9, 1868 in Breslau, Germany, which is now changed to Wroclaw in Western Poland. It is a big city that lies beside the river called “Oder”. He was born in one of the oldest families in town, well-known and wealthy Jewish family. His parents are Paula Haber and Siegfried Haber, a merchant. The name Haber was pretty common in that area because of his great-grandfather, a wool dealer from Kempen. At the time when Fritz was born, the Habers family had to move and adapt into German society. Fritz started a primary school…show more content…
At age 11, he attended school at the St. Elizabeth classical school, in a class evenly divided between Protestant and Jewish students. His family

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