Essay On Empowerment Of Marriage

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At first thought the idea of getting married is one of the best feelings two should share together in a relationship. The thought of a wonderful future and many memories of what will happen in the future just takes over the minds and hearts of those who are getting prepared to be wed. Marriage is not only about the beauty of a wedding or having children, buying a house and riding off into the sunset, it includes rough nights of arguing, frustrations with each other and tired days of laboring at work to pay for that wedding or house and kids. That calls for a commitment, to stick together through thick and thin, to cherish each other, value that person and who they are personally. Forgetting about those things are the major causes of failed…show more content…
Which I have always felt that women should never be looked at as a dependent gender, but the direction that some women take it is distancing women from men and making men seem as the enemy. There is a strong importance of respect to have for one another, so much focus and attention now-a-days are on self-importance and what people expect the other to do for self that people forget to focus on the others needs and wants in life. People can’t forget who they married and why they wanted to marry that person. There was something about that person that drew themselves to them. The interests they had and the things they liked to do and wanted to accomplish, and the husband or wife needs to know to not step in the way of what their significate other loved to do or accomplish before the two engaged with each other. There may be many things both are into or their may be few, but one must not let that get in the way of a marriage and see that it’s important to compromise thoughts. That is a bad sign of controlling issues, where self seems more important than the other person who devoted their life to them so basically their life is in their hands

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