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Rusting is a destructive impact of a material due to its reaction to environment. It becomes the colossal problem because of the consequences that people are facing nowadays. In addition to our daily livelihood with this form of degradation, rusting causes the plant to shutdown, loss and contamination of products, costly maintenance, wastes of valuable resources and reduction of efficiency. Moreover, the formation of rust increases the volume of the initial iron mass that causes failure of machines or assembles. In India, it spent almost 1.25 lakh crore rupees or 125,000 in Philippine money just to protect iron structure from rust every year. Meanwhile, the USA is spending about 12 lakh crore rupees or 1.2 million in Philippine money every…show more content…
Bilimbi fruits are known for its sourness that it has been widely used in the manufacture of vinegar, pickles, wine and grounding of Hindu dishes. This fruit is frequently found on tropical countries like the Philippines (Correa, 1926). The mature fruits can be eaten in natural or can be in processed into jellies and jams. The medical uses that are attributed to of Averrhoa bilimbi (bilimbi) include the mixtures of scurvy, cough, rheumatism, mumps and pimples (Wong…show more content…
On the other hand, in measuring the initial weight of metal bars was prepared, using the digital weighing scale, and they used the fish-bowl method in randomization of metal bars. Treatments on the metal bars were distributed on each of the containers having the desired mixture following the complete randomized design (CRD), the soaking of the metal bars lasted for 24 hours. After the 24 hours of being soaked into the treatments, the metal bars was removed, weighed and recorded for the final weight. The amount of difference between the initial and the final weight determined the quantity of rust that was removed in a given

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