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“Forever Moments” “Her name is Gene, go over and talk to her!” urged my mother, one sunday morning before church. “Why?” I asked my mother, feeling bewildered by my mother’s request. I was 7 years old, and all i knew how to do was run around and play like kids do. The idea of going up to a stranger and just start talking was not something i had any desire to do, especially someone like Gene. In a quiet yet firm whisper, she answered, “To get to know her, listen to what she has to say,” she paused and added “maybe make a friend.” She held my gaze for a few seconds and then nudges her head upwards as if to tell me “go on.” Reluctantly, I made my way over to where Gene was sitting, which unknown to me at the time, was to be where i would…show more content…
It was through those differences that I realize I learned some valuable life lessons; ones they do not teach you in school. The biggest lesson I learned from Gene was to have patience. Gene was smart, however, it would take her forever to get her point across. My friendship with her through the years taught me patience as I learned to listen to her as she talked, for what seemed like forever. She also walked slow and it would take what seemed like forever to get places. By slowing down with Gene, I was able to experience and enjoy life more in those moments. I cherish those “forever moments” with Gene. As I got to know Gene better as time went on, I learned by watching her to never be afraid to ask questions. If she didn’t know the answer to something, she would ask questions. I never asked questions in school because I thought asking questions made me appear “stupid.” She felt that asking questions does not make a person look “stupid”, but not asking questions is a stupid thing to do because it keeps you ignorant. Knowledge is power and Gene would seek out information everywhere she went. I aspire to having that kind of confidence to ask questions whenever I have them without feeling ashamed or

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