Essay On Rule Of Law

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The rule of law is defined as the principle in which people (government or citizens) and institutions are subject to and accountable to follow and obey the law that is considered just and fair.The rule of law was first introduced through various concept in different ancient civilization such as in ancient Mesopotamia, India, Greece, Rome, and China. The Idea of rule of law started in the ancient Greece where Plato one of the great philosopher which believes that the idea of governing a nation should be ruled by the best man. But the idea itself came to fade away. Then after a rule of law was firstly started by Samuel Rutherford in 16th century Britain, he used is as an argument against the divine rights of kings (kings believed that they were sent by God and their duty was holy.) it was further popularized by A.N.Dicey in 19th century. Having a fair law system has democracy, economic growth in certain countries such as USA, United Kingdom and Japan. Most…show more content…
According to cowdery Lord Moulton a British jurist suggested that there are three main domains of human action. The first is the positive law- where the people are supposed to obey the law regardless of their power, second is the domain of free choice it includes all those activities as to which we have entitlement and enjoy autonomy. The third domain is important because it deals with the domain of the obedience of the unenforceable. This domain states that “The obedience of a man is that which he cannot be forced to obey (the man is the enforcer of the law himself). The domain of the obedience could include basic fundamental human rights such as the right to own property, the right to vote, the right to life, the freedom of expression etc. everyone is entitled to the domain of obedience whether they are political presidents, bureaucrats or normal citizens regardless of their wealth and power in the
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