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How the Roles of Celebrities Have Changed ‘Celebrity’ is not a newly used and known term by society nowadays. It is the term that is now commonly used to label a person who managed to attract society’s attention by doing some sort of actions. Years ago, the status of ‘celebrity’ could only be gained through a title, such as a monarch, or a great deed that common people could not do (BBC News, 2003). In ancient history, ‘celebrity’ was formerly known and worshiped as ‘hero’, as people labeled with the status had privileges that other people had not, or was capable of doing something that other people could not do. For example, is a professional athlete who won Olympic Games or warrior who won a specific battle. However, the myth of the ‘hero’ could not survive to this age as the mass media rapidly developed and dominated the wide world.…show more content…
People did not really have a lot of access to know the real celebrity or ‘hero’ they worshiped, and people perceived them as a flawless ‘god’. They perceived them as someone who had no flaw as they did not know the real story behind the celebrity’s fame. For example, is during the ancient age, a professional athlete who won Olympic Games was treated and worshiped as a hometown hero and elevated quickly to god status (Random History, 2007). Society admired and worshiped them as if the celebrities were god’s blood son or daughter due to the belief that they were different from other common people. According to Random History (2007), the celebrity worshipping behavior successfully led the society to believe that these ‘gods’ had direct impacts on their lives. This belief triggered people’s intention to dig deeper about their personal lives which then led them to create personalization of gods and involved them in ancient celebrity scandals that excited the common society (Random History,
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