Advantages Of Linear Induction Motor

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A Linear Induction motor (LIM) is a special type of induction motor which gives linear motion instead of rotational motion, as in the case of conventional induction motor. It operates on the principle of which a conventional induction motor operates. A LIM may have a moving primary or a moving secondary. In our project stator of LIM act as primary and rotor acts as secondary. LIM can be a short primary or short secondary, depending on whether the primary or secondary is shorter. In each case, either primary or the secondary can be the moving member in the project, secondary is short. the LIM may have two primaries face to face to obtain a double-sided LIM . If the LIM has only one primary, it is called as single sided LIM from the figure.…show more content…
This project describes the design and construction of LIM. It describes implementation of the stator component of LIM. The completion of the stator design is necessary in order to analyze LIM. Finally stator is built with steel lamination having 8 poles and wound with double layer distributed winding. This project also focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of LIM along with comparison with conventional rotary motor. LIM belongs to the group of special electric machine that converts electric energy directly into mechanical energy of linear motion. A LIM is a non-contacting, high speed, linear motor that operates on the same principal as a rotary, squirrel cage, induction motor. Linear electric machines are direct drives, they allow accelerations, and velocity and position-accuracy far better than their rotary counterparts; however, they are usually more expensive. LIM is conceptually a rotary motor is cut and unrolled. It can be thought to be basically a rotating squirrel cage induction motor opened out flat. Instead of producing rotary torque from a cylindrical machine it produces linear force from a flat one. Depending upon size and rating of the linear induction motors they can produce thrust up to several thousand…show more content…
PARTS OF LIM 1.3 THREE PHASE COIL ASSEMBLY It consists of 3 phase windings that are wound on a steel laminated core. These laminations are insulated from one another with very fine materials such as paper . The core will require some mounting to ensure its stability during operation. The core is provided with semi enclosed slots to house the conductors. The single sided configuration consists of a single coil assembly that is used in conjunction with aluminum or copper plate which may be backed with either steel or iron plate if necessary shown in figure. The coil assembly can be directly connected to A.C lines for single speed application. Figure 1.3 Three phase coil

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