Essay On Reciprocal Relationships

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As we learned in class, key relationships people have in their lives could be identified as non-reciprocal relationships or reciprocal relationships. In the following paragraphs, I will detail the relationship between me and my landlord, Ms. L, which is a good example of the reciprocal relationship, and my relationship with my previous manager, Mr. Q, which well represents those non-reciprocal relationships I have in my life. Also, I will further evaluate my roles in those two relationships. The concept of ‘reciprocal relationship’ refers to relationships which develop with agreements ‘which rights and responsibilities are divided’ (Colangelo, 2018). People who involve in this type of relationships respect their partner and share decision making power (Colangelo, 2018). Generally, members of reciprocal relationships have strong feelings of love, empathy, gratitude and satisfaction (Törrönen, Munn-Giddings, & Tarkiainen, 2017). On the other hand, the concept of ‘non-reciprocal relationship’ refers to relationships which are created by agreements ‘which given rights and responsibilities for the benefit of a less powerful party’ (Colangelo, 2018). In this type of relationships, ‘the one in power makes the decisions’ (Colangelo, 2018). I and my landlord Ms. L reached basic agreements before I moved into her house, which…show more content…
L kept telling me I should live like I live at home. When it was the time to watch news, she would change TV channel to watch news from Windsor. I had no experience to live/work with dogs. Ms. L trusted me, and she kind encouraged me to spend time with her dogs. When her older dog had to be put down, she asked my opinions and gave me time to say goodbye to that dog. Because Ms. L works for an auto insurance company, I learned a lot skills/knowledge about car from her. Moreover, when there was snow thick on the ground, Ms. L always cleaned the whole driveway before I left the house, including those days she didn’t need to leave the
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