Essay On Racism In Public Spaces

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Countries everywhere are challenged with the grueling task of obliterating a wildfire that engulfs communities and destroys them from the inside. This wildfire, otherwise known as racism, and its adverse effects on countless lives are discussed in the articles “Black Men and Public Spaces” by Brent Staples and “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?” by Nicolas Kristof. These articles further clarify how racism has affected minorities, especially African Americans in the United States, and how people believe that they are not supremacists, but in fact secretly are. Not only are these dilemmas described, but also some alternative solutions. If communities worldwide took action to extinguish these flames, then we would all be one huge step closer to…show more content…
Many people hold their chins up high and state that they “believe in equality[,] but act in ways that perpetuate bias and inequality” (Kristof, 2). Clearly, the difficulty remains as a cycle in which the person’s latent actions toward others silently fuel the of numerous injustices that live undetected in the heart of a nation. This infinite sequence may result into the continuous shift of people towards segregation and ultimately leaving the basic element of a society, the people, replaced with a barren land of emptiness. Conclusively, some possibilities that may help in the attempt to curtail the domination of racial and stereotypical inequality involves everyone making an attempt to make a contribution to stop racism from deep within its roots, having these supposedly ‘enlightened’ people be more cautious of their gestures and words, and finally having campaigns that counter the existence of racism. If the inhabitants can put these efforts into action, then no souls will be scarred, no person will ever face discrimination, and the world would be able to move towards advancement without being hindered by the effects of any type of

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