The Sorrow Of War Analysis

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Life is Harder Than War The Sorrow of War focuses on Kien, a soldier who is drafted to fight for North Vietnam. The message that the novel says about war is that oftentimes life outside of war is harder for soldiers than their time at war, which is conveyed by telling Kien’s struggles both before and after the war. These struggles include the fear and the journey he goes through to get to the war, the loneliness he deals with when returning home, and the guilt and sorrow he lives with after the war is over. These obstacles can make everyday life seem harder than the challenges of war. Kien goes through a lot of hard times in the year before going to fight in the war. His father goes through a depressing time and stays up in his attic studio all day and…show more content…
Ten years has gone by while he was at war, so most people have moved on with their lives while he was gone. He didn’t have either of his parents to go to. He goes to greet his other parental figures, just to find out that they died too. His stepdad is dead and no one remembers how he passed. He also goes to Mother Lahn’s, but finds out she died shortly after finding out her sons were dead, and no other soldiers have returned to the house. Additionally, when first returning home from the war, he is excited to see Phuong again. However, she told him that the man she is living with “...asked her to marry him” (Ninh 84). Kien is overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness, so he occasionally talks to the mute girl living in his attic. Although she can’t hear him, “He need[s] her to be there in the attic” (Ninh 112). Even if Kien feels lonely in the war, he is glad that he is still alive and only focuses on keeping up his fight. When he comes home, he should be excited to see familiar faces, but is faced with the sad reality that most of the people he knows are gone. This becomes a hard time for Kien, even after he came from being in the war for ten

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