Xero: Autocratic Style

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Purpose : Machine learning and AI at heart of its new product “- rod drury CEO OF XERO Xero CEO has won ranked number one business entrepreneur in 2016 and the company was ranked as number 1st out of 500 innovative business companies of the world in 2016. Xero accounts for 71700 subscribers and its still growing on . according to Rod Drury machines learning play a key role in our lives and its there in everyday lives so being a software developer it is important for him to bring machine learning and AI in business to make better business lives. Another innovation which is going to take place next month is that face book chat book is going to link with xero. So this project would help me to understand a great leadership which made xero a…show more content…
In this style , the leader centralises power and decision making in himself and exercise complete control over subordinates . they structure the complete work situation for their employees. The leader have full authority and assume full responsibility whereas the subordinates are complelled to follow the orders . they have no right to take decision or in decision making of an organisation. The leadership in this style is strong, directive and…show more content…
It provides job satisfaction and improves morale. Helps to reduce number of complaints. But it delays decision making process. Laissez faire style: laisse faire style is that in which leader /manager observes that members of group which are working well on their own. In this style the leader completely gives up his /her leadership role. He fails to accept the responsibilities of his position and leaves the group entirely to itself. The subordinate group is allowed to make decision. It help the organisation to have quick results. Increases job satisfaction and morale of employees. Helps subordinates to develop their skills and abilities. Paternalistic style: in this tyle of leadership the leader acts as a father figure. He gives more attention to social needs and views of his workers. He takes decision in the best interest of his workers . His role is to guide , protect and keep his followers happy so that they can work together as members of the family. He can to make proper arrangements of good working. Use of power by Xero

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