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There are many applications remote sensing technology can provide to a developing nation like Nepal such as in natural resources management, geology, archaeology, Defence and national security and many more. The main 4 important application areas namely; Agriculture and Forestry; Water Resources, disaster management, and land use planning. Forestry and agriculture: Techniques of remotesensing are used to map and estimate the supply of the agricultural produce in the national economy;an important aspect for food security of the nation. The techniques of remote sensing can be applied to monitor and mapping of field crops such as rice and wheat, cash crops such as sugarcane or horticultural or fruit produce. As the economy of Nepal and neighboring countries grow, Nepal has…show more content…
Essentially, disaster management and recovery system consists of three components (a) Early Warning (b) Detection and Monitoring and (iii) Mitigation and Relief. 2.3. Land use planning It is well known that land use and land management practices have great impact on natural resources, the environment and agricultural production. The availability of consistent and reliable spatial information on land uses is critical for sustainable natural resource management. Land use is considered ‘foundation’ data sets in many countries of the world. In Nepal where countrywide mapping is limited and no historical baseline data is available, land use/land cover mapping is even more critical. Land use describes what the land is used for such as agriculture, mining, residential or conservation etc. A slight variation is the land cover of the area which describes the physical surface of the earth such as forest, grasslands, and water or urban. It is important that for a country like Nepal both Land use and Land cover data are important part of spatial infrastructure. Land cover data is commonly used to identify environmental quality of nations land areas.

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