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SOFTWARE ENGINEERING JAMESTER C. GO BSCOE-5A Answer the following questions completely. Refer to the book Software Engineering by Roger Pressman. 4.1. Since a focus on quality demands resources and time, is it possible to be agile and still maintain a quality focus? Yes, it can be done. Time management and schedule of the team for them to meet the deadline is crucial, Simplicity and accuracy in making the product is sufficient to meet the customers need. 4.2. Of the eight core principles that guide process (discussed in Section 4.2.1), which do you believe is most important? Build an effective team, Software engineering process and practice are important, but the bottom line is people. They are the one who will build and establish the project…show more content…
4.10. Why are models important in software engineering work? Are they always necessary? Are there qualifiers to your answer about necessity? Models are important to software engineering for the same reason they are a necessity. A program is a model. Even at the assembly level programming is constructing a model. Variables, instructions, memory these are all words that aren't anything real in any conventional sense. The reason modeling is at the heart of both math and software engineering is that modeling is the way we poor humans deal with complexity. Modeling helps us reduce, modeling helps us understand. Domain capturing is perhaps one of the hardest parts of the engineering process and at its heart it is domain understanding. For that you need models. So software engineering is about models. Models for us, and for the machines we work with. 4.11. What three “domains” are considered during requirements modeling? - Information Domain - Functional Domain - Behavioral Domain SOFTWARE ENGINEERING JAMESTER C. GO BSCOE-5A 4.12. Try to add one additional principle to those stated for coding in Section4.3.4. Before writing the code Make sure to understand the user’s concept in making your program,…show more content…
In addition, the data collected as testing is conducted provide a good indication of software reliability and some indication of software quality as a whole. But testing cannot show the absence of errors and defects; it can show only that software errors and defects are present. 4.14. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Since we deliver multiple increments to the customer, why should we be concerned about quality in the early increments—we can fix problems in later iterations.” Explain your answer. There are a lot of different approaches in making the quality of a product, since the iteration was made to conduct improvements; early improvement in multiple increments is a must to make a quality product for the customers. Since early precaution will be taken it will conduct a longer process time in making the said product which will be useful and quality made for the customers. 4.15. Why is feedback important to the software team? drawing UML diagrams. Feedback can be used to correct modeling mistakes, change misinterpretations, and add features or functions that were inadvertently

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