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Good Morning everyone. WELCOME. My name is Lisa Linarez from Belize. I am the Business Manager of Tropical Aquaculture Investment Ltd. I have been here for five years. Some of my responsibilities are to implement budget, prepare reports, and ensure that the department complies with the company policies. (Slide 2) Today I want present to you, the topic – PLAGIARISM. What do we know of Plagiarism? Well, in our own words it means copying another person work and passing it off as your very own. As defined by the Webster Dictionary it means to use another’s production without crediting the source. It also means commit literary theft and to present as new an original, an idea or product derived from an existing source. Plagiarism appears to be everywhere and continues to be on the rise. It is not only students who plagiarize but…show more content…
According to Aaron Albert, “There’s only one punishment for plagiarism here…. If you’re accused and convicted of plagiarism, you’re dismissed permanently from the school.” He says, "People know - if you're gonna plagiarize, you're taking your academic career in your own hands." At Ashworth College, the same applies. Any student found guilty of plagiarism will be permanently dismissed from the college. Sometimes when a student plagiarizes, they receive a failing grade or sometimes they get a 0 for their grade and at times they receive a 10% off their original grade. If the students are fortunate they are able to redo their assignment. The student can also have a very bad record that indicates they committed an act of academic dishonesty. SCRIPt There are many types of plagiarism but the most four common are Intentional, Mosiac, Self Plagiarism and Unintentional. Intentional Plagiarism is when a student copies and paste directly from a source without paraphrasing or uses whole paragraphs of material or whole essays and submitted as one’s own. Deliberate plagiarism is unethical and academically

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