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Life is a very precious gift of God. Every living has to die and return back to eternal life. It is a reality but, the survival of illness makes the death more painful. Thus, palliative care becomes necessary when a person has a life-limiting illness whether its child or an adult. However effective palliative care makes it endurable especially in children. Palliative care cover whole domain such as physical, psychological, spiritual and psychosocial. According to WHO children’s palliative care include body, mind and spirit and also involve generous with the family. Thus, in the below scenario I will share my experience of a child who go through physically and psychologically because of his disease and furthermore how care giver role strain also effect the psychological domain of patient .Literature suggests, the viewpoint of palliative care is to enhance the Quality of Life (QOL) of a person along with their caregivers. Thus, palliative care becomes necessary when a person has a life-limiting illness. In the course of palliative care rotation, I came across a child who was only 7 years, admitted in hospital with diagnose of…show more content…
I planned to provide comfort by all possible means. My goal was to ease their physical and psychosocial sufferings for both.This paper will more talk about the two domains of palliative care, i.e. physical and psychological and its symptoms management and care giver role strain. Moreover, strategies and recommendations will be highlighted for enhancing palliative care nursing. According to Maureen Lynch (2011)As the palliative nurse comes to know the patient and family in the nurse-patient relationship, the values, beliefs, past experiences, and goals of all parties emerge and shape future care from symptom management, to advanced directives, treatment choices, and care at the time of

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