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“Who Moved My Cheese?”, written by Dr. Spencer Johnson entails a story about four characters and their mission to acquire new cheese, with cheese being used to represent things in life that we desire which in return provides a sense of happiness and comfort such as a job, healthier lifestyle or spiritual peace. The author allows the characters to display a well-known fact about the cheese, which is that each individual person has different taste of cheese and thus have different desires. The characters Sniff and Scurry are mice and the other two Hem and Haw are little people, are used to represent human beings when they are placed in situations where they must learn to adapt to change and ultimately capitalize on it to gain the best of the…show more content…
As Haw started to realize this, he also started to realize what had truly made him happy as he begun to let go and have faith in what new adventures he would take on in an attempt to gain new cheese or success without knowing what is truly in store for him. Haw also visualized the expected outcome of his new quest to find new cheese, this allowed Haw to visually empower himself to strive for success as he used the reward to push him to go after the cheese and he realized that change could lead to something better. The author flips the story by allowing Haw to only find bits of cheese, to show individuals that if they hesitate someone will grab their opportunities. The author again shows how individuals become comfortable with their cheese and are able to adopt to new cheese by allow Haw to introduce Hem to the new cheese but he refused and prompted that he wanted his old cheese. The author uses Haw situation to show individuals that the things we often times fear are not as bad as they seem, but the fear you have is actually worse than the situation and also that it’s only natural that change is going to happen whether you want it or not, but how you adopt to it depends on how you prepare to change with the situation, after he realized this Haw concluded that his belief system can determine how far he goes or

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