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As seen by the naked eye, architectural design in the United States during the present day is clearly different than that of European countries such as Rome, but if a person looks closely there are many similarities. Even today the buildings of ancient Rome can be seen throughout Europe while the United States, and more specifically, New York City, continues to build skyscraper after skyscraper. It is hard to compare the amazement of a building hundreds of feet high with all the beauty that exists in ancient architecture. Each of the designs is beautiful in their own way. Many of the designs of the modern era of are derived from, and influenced by these old buildings Europe. There are many buildings in New York City that clearly reflect the architecture in that of the ancient Roman era. Federal Hall, and the U.S. Court of International Trade are prime examples of this. The buildings both feature wide steps that lead up to huge distinguished columns. This design is in fact used as the entrances of many courthouses in the United States. The Federal Hall features Doric columns, which are fluted meaning having…show more content…
Ancient civilizations believed that the higher a building was, the closer you were to the gods. This same idea is used in modern architecture, but was never accomplished to the extent of the larger ancient Roman structures. Everything in this huge city is hundreds of feet high, and tower over any building in Rome. Rome architecture is rich with history and many of the structures built hundreds of years ago, still exist in the present day. While Rome prides itself on history, New York City tries to grow bigger, and bigger with every building that is put up. The buildings in the center of the city have people living in apartments that rise up many stories. This is different than the apartments in the center of Rome that only rise up a few

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