Wireless USB 3.0 Advantages And Disadvantages

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INTRODUCTION In this paper of Wireless USB, I will try to give the uses of WUSB, its advantages, work area, features of using WUSB, etc. At the same time I will points out the application of using WUSB along with its specification. Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus standard to connect devices to a host computer. The USB 3.0 is the u version of the USB. The USB 3.0 is also called super speed USB because the USB 3.0 support a raw throughput of 500 MByte/s. In the new universal serialbus specification, there are many new features which are also included. The most important one is the fast speed data transfer. Thus the USB 3.0 can support more devices than the currently using specification which is using USB 2.0. Wireless USB, a high-bandwidth…show more content…
ADVANTAGES OF USING WIRELESS USB: • By the term wireless USB, it means here wires are restrictive. Once the USB is plugged into a socket, we cannot move the device as we do it with mobile or other devices. As it v\cannot move freely so it became an obstruction to the mobile offices. • Using multiple wires can cause problem. We actually hate to see multiple wires behind our PCs that sometimes makes some knots with each other that causing some sorts of problem while we try to remove or add some components to the PC. To discard all kinds of problems ,we like to use WUSB and it is better to use WUSB. • In many situations wireless solutions can easily deliver same speeds that wired solutions are delivering. So it is a better reason to use wireless USB. FEATURES OF WIRELESS USB TECHNOLOGY If wired USB is good at work, then wireless USB will successfully work. Following are some features of wireless…show more content…
Here common devices that are used regularly like printers, scanners, hard discs, projectors etc can also be used in the wireless scenarios. In the wireless scenarios, the function of these devices remains the same as if it seems that they are using the wired USB. So, to get the benefits for performing faster, it is better to use wireless USB instead of wired USB. • Digital media in the PC, consumer electronic and mobile communication is growing highly and thus with it a common standard interconnection is needed, which could be able to support the on-going convergence of these environments. The consumer electronic will have high-performance wireless interface expectations. Consumer usage models will mainly focus on streaming media distribution that mainly uses algorithms for compression. The main objective of the performance of the wireless USB is to provide a high quality of service that is maintained to meet typical consumer entertainment expectations.

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