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The Himalayas is a name that captures the imagination of people throughout the world. It most usually conjures an image of snow-capped mountains, set in inaccessible highland wilderness where specialist mountaineering teams venture or the foothills where more general trekking activities can take place. It follows therefore that areas offering close access to the high Himalayas and/or have fine views of these majestic and famous mountains possess an important international tourismresource. Uttarakhand in this respect does not disappoint.The Himalayas per se cover numerous countries, notably Pakistan, India, China, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. However most people’s mental maps relate them to Nepal, Tibet and Kashmir rather than Uttarakhand,…show more content…
The tectonic movements responsible for their formation are still active and the combination of this continued uplift and aggressive erosion by the powerful streams and rivers, which feed off the glaciers and monsoon rains, has created deep river gorges and valleys with steep slopes. In areas where sedimentary rocks predominate, the friability of rocks such as gneiss, limestone, phyllites, quartzite,sericite-biotite schists and slates create a highly unstable environment that is vulnerable to erosion.The combination of steep topography and the friable nature of the rocks in many areas have been Division into Physiographic Regions Uttarakhand can be divided into three broad physiographic regions: 1) The Greater Himalayas comprising the high peaks, glaciers and mountain ranges; 2) The Lesser Himalayas (or submontane zone as is technically referred to) lying between the greater Himalayas and the lower foothills and plains; 3) The central lowlands of the Ganges River and its tributaries (part of the Indo-Gangetic Plain). This simplified topographical division of high mountain, foothill and lowland plain may be

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