Population Ecology Theory Essay

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As explained earlier, Population Ecology Theory explains the factors that affect the rate at which organizations are born, grow, decline and die in a population of organizations. However, this theory only focuses on the external factors such as availability of resources. It does not focus on the internal factors that affect an organization such as Organizational culture and organizational structure. The structure and culture of an organization are an important part of the performance of an organization. In fact, they are one of the key features. If an organization does not have a strong structure and culture, they will probably decline faster than anticipated even if there are no changes in the availability of resources. For example, if an…show more content…
It does not focus on how much of an impact the internal structure of an organization can influence its growth or decline. Another important criticism the theory received is that it solely focused on ‘natural selection’. Natural selection means ‘survival of the fittest’. This when applied to population of organizations, it means that only the organizations that are fit to survive will survive and the lesser fit organizations will move out of the market. However, this may not be true. In the article “The application of Population Ecology Models to the Study of Organizations” (John betton, 1985), various critiques have explained that organizations may be able to adapt to an environment change even if they are considerably small and not fit. It also mentions that an organization may not only be able to adapt to an environment change, but they can also be responsible for a new environment. Some companies innovate to the extent of causing environment change than be merely affected by environment change. Thus the theory of adaption has not been considered in population ecology theory. There have been plenty of small organizations that have been able to adapt to environment change. There have also been organizations that not only adapt, but take advantage of environment change to

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