Status Of Women In The Revolutionary Era Essay

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SITUATION OF WOMEN IN REVOLUTIONARY ERA For majority of women life in Revolutionary Era was not much different, they were limited to the four walls of their home. Man was considered the head of the house and women was treated nothing better than a slave. Their daily routine included house hold work and taking care of their husband, children and other relatives. Not much products were purchased from the market and mostly products like clothes, candle, soap, food was manufactured at home, and the whole day was spent working on it. Life was more labour intensive. They were not allowed to keep their opinion in front of everyone and were not allowed to interfere in political matters. So, even if they had a political idea, they never had a chance to present it in front of everyone. Laws: Although the situation was not completely in favour of women but there were some laws existing, few in favour of women and most of them against them. Women had no right to own property, however spinster and widows can hold and manage properties until they are married. Husband had legal rights to beat a women for any act…show more content…
Women also helped the patriot cause by forming an organization such as the ladies organization in Philadelphia that basically recognized the capacity of every women to contribute in the war. The women of Philadelphia collected funds for the war and transferred it directly to officials. The basic motto of that organization was to contribute as much as they can for their country. They started collecting money from various donors and making other supplies, so that they visibly supported the army. Similar organizations began to spread in different part of the

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