A Passage To India Character Analysis

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"A passage to India" by E.M Foster's was published in 1924 in the 14Th century and it was the last novel written by him. When he completed his novel, he was in mid forties and he was already a respectable and famous novelist of 20th century. He was born in London on January, 1879. This novel is based on Foster's own experience as a time being citizen In India and there he was in contact with Indian people and British servants called Anglo Indians, who were consider as a narrow minded people. Foster allocate large part of the novel belong to different perception of both Indians and British. This novel was drawn up the converse characters of Dr Aziz, Mrs. Moore, Adeela Quested and Rooney about whether or not they determine themselves as a true representation of class and position of which they are a part. The main character of the novel Dr Aziz was a charming person who was all the time indulges to please others. Aziz is an Indian doctor in Chandrapore. He is intelligent, emotional and impetuous, also has some extremes and…show more content…
Moore and Fielding, but he still feels self-abased. That’s the reason he pretends he was sick to avoid Adela and Mrs. Moore to see his house, even though his house is much better than other Indians, he degrade himself as an Indian. Moreover, he is just like many Indians at that time, on the one hand, they appreciate the modernization and influences from English, but on the other hand, they abhor English and the oppress toward their people, just like Aziz’s parts of personalities, extreme and contradictions. . Later on when Dr. Aziz goes for dinner at Hammidullah's place there is discussion on the culture differences across the Anglo Indians. The Indians were disorganized by the mindset and behavior of the English people into racial. Aziz asked Mehmoud Ali about the nature of Anglo Indian friendship. On which Mahmoud Ali and Aziz both disagreed and didn't show any hope about their

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