Vehicle Routing Problem Analysis

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Abstract— In recent years, the routing of vehicles attracts much attention due to the vast interest in various types of solutions and technologies for geographical data as well as their usage in logistics and various transportation methods. Many researches have been done on various heuristic approaches that can be found for the solution of the routing problem, where specific situations and parameters are analyzed. In this research we investigate genetic algorithm approaches for solving vehicle routing problem with different parameters. Due to stochastic nature of the problem, genetic algorithms can be used to generate solutions that are feasible and apt for the whole scenario. Here we use genetic algorithm for a single vehicle and multiple…show more content…
Since then the interest in vehicle routing problem evolved from a limited set off mathematicians to a very broad range of researchers from different dimensions, who are still involved in this field today. The vehicle routing problem definition states that m vehicles initially located at a location are to deliver a finite quantity of goods to n customers which can also explained as different postman from a post office delivering letters to the addresses. Determining an optimal route for a group of vehicles when they are set for delivery to a finite number of customers, represents a vehicle routing problem. The overall objective of the VRP is to minimize the transportation cost and time associated with it. The classical VRP problem can be solved using a set of routes which all begin and end in a depot, and which satisfies the parameters that all the customers are served just once. The transportation cost associated with the process can be improved by reducing the total distance covered and by reducing the number of vehicles which are required for the process. Vehicle routing problem is a NP hard combinatorial optimization problem that can be solved accurately only for a small part of…show more content…
Back in the days when salesmen had to travel door-to-door for selling different types of goods like vacuums, encyclopedias etc they had to plan their routes in advance, from house to house or city to city. The best policy to cover maxim customers and to increase the business is to make the route shortest. Finding the optimal route that visits a set of target locations is an exponentially difficult problem: finding the shortest path for 10 cities is much more than twice as hard as 50 cities as its NP hard

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