Essay On Smoking Age

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Why should the legal smoking age be changed? Would it really make a difference? While some say raising the smoking age would not do anything, some states are already trying to change that age. As the legal smoking age is currently eighteen, many believe it should be changed to the age of twenty-one to match the drinking age. The legal smoking age needs to be changed to the age of twenty-one because eighteen year olds are not mature enough to realize the importance of this decision, they do not understand the health damage nicotine and tobacco causes, and are unaware of the addictive qualities of nicotine. Recent research shows that eighteen year olds are not mature enough to realize the importance of the decision to smoke. It doesn’t even…show more content…
The following information can be found in Aspa. “Nicotine Addiction and Your Health.” Nicotine and Tobacco Addiction | Be Tobacco, Department of Health and Human Services, and Abuse, National Institute on Drug. “How Does Tobacco Deliver Its Effects?” NIDA. Nicotine and tobacco are addictive just like weed, alcohol, cocaine and heroin. When someones stop smoking or cutback on your tobacco use a person will experience withdrawal. Withdrawal is the most uncomfortable part of quitting. But the hardest part it beating the long-term craving and staying away from tobacco completely. Not many are successful with quitting and many go back to smoking, sometimes twice as much than before. Hundreds of different chemical compounds are added to tobacco to change and enhance its flavor, also these things are added to make the absorption speed of nicotine faster. This means that you get the buzz much quicker than before. When a person uses a tobacco product, it is quickly enters the bloodstream. Within the next ten seconds of the first inhalation the nicotine will reach the brain. The chemical reaction with the brain and the nicotine releases adrenaline, creating a type of high typically called a buzz. The pleasure and energy of the buzz quickly fades. This leaves a tired feeling and a wanting to feel that buzz again. That feeling is what makes the person light the next cigarette. Nicotine is extremely addictive and after that first hit it’s hard to
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