Employee Welfare Literature Review

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LITERATURE REVIEW: 1. KT Srinivas: Vol. 2(12) (2013) made the title of “A study on employee welfare facilities and its impact on job satisfaction”. The study says that how the company providing facilities and how it improve the satisfaction level of the employees and also understands that what are facilities are company adopted to improve the welfare of the employees. The Company should provide the recreational facilities to improve the morale of the employees and reduce the stress level of the employees. Full medical support company should be given to reduce the absenteeism and turnover. The Company should conduct health campaign at least once in a month/ year; finally, these facilities lead to improving the productivity of the company and…show more content…
Swetha Singh (2014) made the title of “Effectiveness of employee welfare” the study says that identify the welfare measures and its effectiveness towards job satisfaction of employees. The term welfare should be used broadly to include all measures which promote the physical, psychological and general well-being of the employees. These welfare benefits play a motivational role. In today’s informative world where information is readily available to general public, welfare has been an important part of any organization to be successful.Organisation in present worlds cannot be successful without taking into account the welfare of their employees, on as employees the more valuable asset for the…show more content…
Dr. P Venkat Rao at al Vol (3) (2015) made the title of “Employee welfare is the key insight”, study says that to investigate the literature related to the welfare measures and its impact on the employee performance, satisfaction and also identify and compare the welfare measures provided by different public and private sector companies. Employees are the key to every organizational growth. The concept of welfare has reached many milestones in increasing the efficiency of the employees since work related problems compliment the poor quality of life for employees and a decline in performance. So, without welfare measures, employees are isolated in the companies for these companies are encouraged to be a driving force regarding these welfare facilities in motivating the employees and increase their work

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