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When you are standing on a bed so you have back pain or muscle spasms of the thighs? If so, do not panic, because this problem is not only that you are going to be experiencing this problem but many people. Persons over the age of 40, the problem is more than passing. But not necessarily of muscle cramps occur in older age person in the person of any age, but the problem may occur. This problem occurs when some people passing by, and suddenly they're running it starts cramping. Some people fast asleep at bedtime the night is passing the problem of cramps. The cramps are many reasons but the most important reason for the lack of calcium in the body. Calcium not only the person who consumes too much fluid passes through this problem. Muscle…show more content…
You can also use ice packs.Liquids leg cramps from drinking, you will find rest in. Straighten your legs and pull your foot toward your knees. This process can also help your towels, a towel to make it and put it under his feet and the two end portions of the towel to hold it pulled up, while they keep your knees straight. If your muscle pain is due to a medical consultation with your doctor if your medication, change or control the dose should be. How to prevent muscle cramps?(Prevent Muscle Cramps then?) Because of these tips, you can prevent muscle pain is coming: Muscle pain, dehydration, so drink more water or other fluid to get rid of. Reduce the intake of alcohol or full close. Some exercises to increase muscle mass, such as cycling, swimming or to Walking. Take daily multivitamin supplements. Keep your feet by making the correct posture while sleeping. People who sleep on the back of their legs to keep the amount of the height of the bed and the side of the pillow between your legs should force them to sleep. Orthopedic pillow in the market (orthopedic pillows) is available right position for the legs is specifically designed. Conduct daily to relax muscles of the legs to drink

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