The Unpatriotic Academy By Richard Rorty

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In his short essay, The Unpatriotic Academy, Richard Rorty depicts what holds nations in the past. Rorty utilizes examples and logos to show that multiculturalism is an attempt to keep communities at odds with one another.” As a result, multiculturalism causes nations to remain the same and prohibits nations from moving forward. By using a variety of examples, Rorty is able to define multiculturalism. Rorty categorizes multiculturalism as being “women, African-Americans,gay men and lesbians.” Therefore, the multiculturalism group is not the majority of the people, but the minority. Rorty uses Richard Sennett as an example as someone who does agrees with multiculturalism. Sennett states that multiculturalism causes an, “evil of a shared national

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