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Agriculture Agriculture which is the rearing of various kinds of animals and the planting of different kind of crops for man’s consumption had been a practice most country was involved in since the dark ages and even until this present. Agriculture is seen in two phase; Commercial involving the rearing of animals and planting of cash crops for whole sales purposes, within and outside the country and Subsistence involves small scale farming for personal consumptions. Agriculture has been a thing practiced by all nations; every individual is capable of practicing Agriculture no matter the situation no matter the capital. It is a thing that can never be abolished; suffice Agriculture practices started even from the beginning of man and time. In reference to the Article “Who does what in Nigerian Agriculture” “Having argued that Nigerian Agriculture is still the backbone of the Nigerian Nation, I would wish to salute all Nigerian famers, wherever they may be, for sustaining the nation despite the apparent neglect suffered by them all this years. The difficulty of Nigerian agriculture has risen from bad policies and implementation strategies by Nigerian elites who generally lack self-confidence in their ability and their enormous corrupt tendencies. It is some of these…show more content…
Most African countries are rich in natural resources (crude oil); they produce natural resources but they do not know how to process it. Nigeria and other oil producing countries do not know what they have, but when it is gone they would realized they have been cowering and not facing the system head on. Environmentalist believes that crude oil is a non renewable resource, it will surely get exhausted one day, and at such where would you be and where would your country be? It is not what you have naturally that all matters, but rather what you can process from what you already

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