The Madonna Experience

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The Madonna Experience Madonna has been the focal point of how society expresses themselves in the past three decades. She opened doors to many subcultures which were considered taboo. Many taboo subjects became openly talked about when she released music videos and lyrics which expressed incarnations and subcultures such as cross-dressing, lesbians, transgenders, and feminism.These subcultures were not accepted by many people for the fact that they were not talked about before the 1980s. Society was not as accepting with all these subcultures. They would discriminate anyone who appeared different in ways such as their preference in mate, sexual interests, the way they would dress, or express themselves. Since then, many people would decide…show more content…
She said this difficult time taught her that belief in herself was the only real safety in life. Also, around this time her life, Madonna said that David Bowie became a major source of inspiration for her as he broke with gender norms as an artist”. (Stone,1) During Madonna’s debut as an artist, she showed women that they were just as important as men were. Her videos and lyrics demonstrated high authority roles. American culture became impacted by women having power over men. “Justify My Love" is truly avant-garde, at a time when that word has lost its meaning in the flabby art world. It represents a sophisticated European sexuality of a kind we have not seen since the great foreign films of the 1950's and 1960's”. (Paglia, 1) When Madonna released, “Justify My Love”, it showed how a man was being controlled by a women. She seduced him without actually coming in contact with the guy. She manipulated him and was able to control every aspect of his emotions. She toyed with him and left him wanting more as she exited the room. This was a representation of…show more content…
She is an example to many people in a way in which she does not let anyone mess with her. If she has goals, she accomplishes them. All her movements have led people to strive to be the person they have always dreamt of being, even if it is being transgender, feminist, lesbian, or gay. Madonna is now and has always been a role model to many people that experienced her work since the 1980s. American culture has had a drastic change during her time in the music industry. She has won many “Woman of the Year” awards which she has deserved. Many subjects talked about in Madonna’s videos and lyrics were prohibited, and people thought those subjects were not supposed to be brought up. Madonna revealed many subcultures throughout her lifetime; subcultures such as cross-dressing, feminism, S&M, and LGBT communities. She has impacted American culture and the way people view society by the form in which she has made taboo subcultures from the 1980s common to be heard about in

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