Cigarettes Persuasive Essay

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“Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States.” As states. The legal age limit for for people being able to purchase cigarettes should be increased from 18, to age 21. Cigarettes cause serious long and short term health issues for teens and adults who smoke, and also cause problems for people who are exposed to secondhand smoke as well. Not only are cigarettes bad for people’s health, they have a negative impact on the environment. Cigarettes cause short and long term health problems. As the website states, “Smoking compromises the immune system, making smokers more likely to have respiratory infections.”This means that people who smoke have more of a chance of having lung related illnesses, and could get lung infections far easier than non smokers. In the website, the author states, “Smoking causes birth…show more content…
Underage smokers are going to die young from health problems due to cigarettes. “Each day, nearly 6,000 children under 18 years of age start smoking; of these, nearly 2,000 will become regular smokers.” The site explains. As the quote states, every one out of three teens who try cigarettes will become regular smokers in the future, and there needs to be a change. As the website states, “The younger youth are when they start using tobacco, the more likely they’ll be addicted.” If teens don’t have access to cigarettes, or don’t have the opportunity to become smokers while they’re young, then they will be less likely to get addicted in the future and they have less of a chance of becoming regular

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