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Payton Micewicz Professor Loaiza Spanish ll December 12, 2014 Final Report- Jose Marti José Julián Marti Pérez was a Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin American literature. His written works consist of a series of poems, essays, letters, lectures, a novel, and even a children’s magazine. Marti was born on January 28, 1853 in Havana, Cuba. Both of José Marti’s parents were poor Spanish immigrants. He was a brother of seven sisters. Marti showed his talent for writing at an early age publishing multiple poems by the age he was fifteen. Writing became his form of expression and passion. During his young years, he also proved that he was a revolutionary in the making; he helped start an anti-colonial newspaper. The newspaper was called “La Patria Libre” (Bio). “In his short life, Marti struggled against the dual oppressing forces of Spain and the U.S. to gain independence for his island nation while upholding his beliefs in liberty, freedom and greatness of the human spirit” (Mendoza). Not long after starting the newspaper, he was arrested by Spanish authorities for anti-government activity and sentenced to six years of labor. During the time of his arrest, The Ten Years War was in full effect. This war was the fight by Cuban…show more content…
Living in Guatemala for a short period time, Marti also found his love Carmen Zayas Bazán whom he married and had a son with. He soon resigned as a professor within a year due to the firing of a fellow Cuban faculty member. Upon resigning, Marti moved with his family back to Cuba. In Cuba, he was unable to practice law and presumed teaching. Within a year, Marti was accused of conspiring with others to overthrow Spanish rule in Cuba and was once again exiled to Spain, although his wife and child remained in Cuba. Soon enough he made his was to New York

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