Factors Of Unemployment In Society

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Unemployment many individuals of society to get to work in one area; whether it is linked to their studies, or by the general business professional, but it suffers a lot of them in the difficulty of finding the right job for them; because of the lack of job opportunities is always available, or lack of qualifications approved and experience of their own with the business at hand in the labor market, which leads to backwardness in getting to work, and some of them stops searching a suitable job, and the resulting increase in the number of unemployed, and called on the name of the unemployment rate, which is many collections of the annual statistics around; because they are considered part of the general economic rates of any country in the world. Unemployment knows the definition of unemployment as a term…show more content…
Determine the proportions of males and females in terms of the employed and the unemployed. Measuring age proportions of individuals within the legal stage for your work life and professions. Knowledge of education and academic level type for each individual within the action phase. And used to calculate the unemployment rate following equation: Unemployment rate = the number of unemployed individuals/number of individual recipients to work; any knowledge of the proportion of unemployed individuals, and then divided the ratio of personnel. Example: up unemployed in the country to 12 percent, while workers in the same state rate of up to 6%, what is the unemployment rate? The unemployment rate = the percentage of unemployed / percentage of workers; ie 12% / 6% =

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