Ray Charles: The Genius Of Soul

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Ray Charles was born in September 23, 1930 at Albany, Georgia. Few months later his family moved to Greenville, Florida. It was the place where the discrimination to the blacks was strong. His mom’s name is Aretha Robinson. Charles learned many big life lessons and small little clues to live from her. Aretha thought discipline is one part of love. His brother named George died at age of four by drowning in laundry tub. Charles was with him but Charles was too small to help George. When Charles cried it was not an ordinary tear, it contained eye mucus. In the morning he needed to open his eye by using his hand because there were many eye mucus became firm around his eyes. From that day on his mom took off the slimy hard eye mucus, but his eyesight…show more content…
Even though he was blind, he was the pioneer of mixing gospels and R&B (Rhythm and Blues) together and made up the soul music that sings the singer’s soul. Gospel is a sacred, religious music. This idea was unbelievable at this time. Soul music also puts in jazz, swing, bluegrass, and other genres. Charles music and singing style influenced not only black singers, many whites and other singers from all over the world got influenced by him. For example, Beatles has a song called “Something”. This song was made imagining the appearance of Ray Charles singing. Also Paul McCartney wrote “The Long and Winding Road” lyrics having Ray Charles in mind and made the song a little bit jazzy. In 1986 he was awarded “Kennedy Center Honors”. This award is only given to person who contributed to American culture. Also he received Grammy Awards, which is given to the most outstanding recording artist, twelve times. In Los Angeles the building that Charles used for recording has been approved to be the city’s landmark. Even though Ray Charles did not have a happy and blessed childhood and had trouble between the whites, he grabbed his happiness by singing soul music. Even now twelve years past from Charles’s death, his song is still loved by many people and it will be loved

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