Essay On Invasive Species

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Some plants and animals are invasive species belonging to Plantae and Animalia respectively. The invasive species can affect both the organisms that belong to its kingdom and those that do not belong to its kingdom. The invasive animal species are broadly divided into vertebrates and invertebrates. The invertebrates include insects and other invertebrates whereas the vertebrate invasive species include the brown tree snake, wild boar, European Sterling and Burmese Python. The specific examples of invertebrate invasive species include Sirex Wood Wasp (Sirex noctilio), Red Imported Fire Ant (Solenopsis invicta), Pink Bollworms (Pectinophora gossypiella), etc. Some of the invasive species belonging to the kingdom Animalia are predatory and…show more content…
Most of the parasites that are found in the environment take advantage of the resident species hence periodically reducing the population of the resident species. The invasive species are normally new to the environment and sometimes have the adaptive system that the parasites are not able to manipulate. The invasive species then become resistant to the parasites. The parasites are used to gaining their food and shelter from the residential species leading to them being diseased, limited in some way or even die as a result of the diseases. The Invasive species are therefore resistant to the parasites. The other characteristic is that the invasive species are resistant to the pesticides and herbicides that are applied in the region. They are therefore a nightmare to the farmers because they are noxious weeds to the farms and also notorious parasites that can cause major losses to the human beings. The efforts of the farmer to either spray or weed the farm are futile (Jiang, Luo, Chen, & Li, 2009). The fact that the invasive species are resistant to the pesticides and herbicides lead to their increase in population making them cover a wide area of the habitat at the expense of the resident
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