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When talking about dogs and introverts separately, it would seem like they won’t be a good pair. While dogs are often regarded as social, playful creatures who would be a good companion for social people, introverts, whom people regard as excessively withdrawn and quiet, and someone who enjoys their solitude, seems most suited to have cats. However, there are a number of dogs that can also be a perfect companion for introverts. According to an article published in the, there are four qualities introverts should look out for when looking for the perfect dog: quiet, steady, good-natured, and able to lie quietly. If you are an introvert and you’re looking for the perfect canine companion for you, here are some dog breeds that…show more content…
Great Dane. Commonly referred to as the “Gentle Giant,” great danes can seem to be intimidating due to its size, however, it is on the list of the best-natured dogs in the world. Great Danes have a shy personality and are sweet and affectionate. They love hanging out with their owners and are gentle when it comes to children. For introverts who love to have a companion without the need to socialize, great Danes would be a good pet as they can often be seen just lounging around in a corner. 2. St.Bernard. Another gentle giant, St. Bernards are kind affectionate dogs that can be a good family dog. This dog is described to be sweet, shy, and stubborn. While mostly regarded as a dog breed that is perfect for extroverts because of its athleticism and sociable personality, St. Bernards can be a good companion for introverts who are looking for a dog who is both calm and patient, while can be able to get them out of their shells from time to time. 3. Akita. Akitas are a large breed of dogs that are popularly known for their loyalty. While they are aloof with strangers, they are very affectionate when it comes to their owners. Akitas are perfect for introverts who are looking for a faithful companion, who like themselves doesn’t like being in a

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