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Aloe vera Aloe vera is an evergreen, succulent plant. Aloe vera is regarded as the universal panacea by greek scientists. The Egyptian people called Aloe vera “the plant of immortality.” Aloe Vera is commonly known as Barbados or Curacago. It has been known and used from centuries by people for its health, beauty , medicnal, skin care properties. The native place of the plant is northern part of Africa, it has spread across the world because of its easy cultivation. Aloe vera is referred as Miracle plant and also known as “wand of heaven” by the native Americans. In India it is called” Kumari” in ayurvedic treatments. Common folks use Aloe vera gel on burning wounds and specifically to aid…show more content…
Aloe vera can tolerate higher pH and high Sodium(Na) and Pottasium K salts .In fertile, heavy soils such as black cotton soils growth is faster. CLIMATE Aloe has wide adaptability and can grow in almost all climatic conditions. It can grow equally good in both warm humid or dry climate. Extreme cool conditions are intolerant. The plant grow well on dry sandy soils at localities with lower annual rainfall of 50 to 300mm. Aloe plant needs protection against frost and low winter temperature. This plant is frost tender because it is succulent and contain 95% water. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Aloe vera is a wonderfull plant rich in source of many chemical compound. Aloe contains two classes of Aloins: • Nataloins- yield picric and oxalic acid with nitric acid. • Barbolins- yield aloetic acid and chrysammic acid. Antiseptic agents like lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen are present in this plant. • Aloe contain 3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids, cholesterol, campersterol and sitosterol. Uses & Benefits of Aloe Vera • Aloe Vera gel has the ability to heal wounds, ulcer and burns. • The acid present inside Aloe Vera is used as an effective pain

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