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Contents Introduction 1 Reflective Journal 1: Impatient Guest 1 Observations 1 Reflection 2 Reflective Journal 2: Change of food choice 2 Observations 2 Introduction Being a part of the hospitality industry and working at the popular Novatel Hotel in Perth I have come across numerous good and bad cases while dealing with customers. My division is the F&B department and I mainly cater to the delivery of ordered by the guests at the restaurant. Serving them the delicacies and getting a smile on their faces is what we love to see and definitely work to see. I would like to discuss two instances, one good and another bad in a reflective journal to present my experience and the way I dealt with it. Reflective Journal 1: Impatient Guest Observations…show more content…
Firstly they tried to convince me to me that he had not time and would not like to wait for that time which was actually expected to be at. When I said we had to follow the protocol, he tried to bribe me and say to get something worked in favour and accommodate them accordingly. However, I denied and stressed upon waiting as others used to do. He went on and got furious upon rejection and started yelling words which weren’t good to me. I went out of the way and he escalated this issue to my manager with a complaint of rude behaviour on my behalf. The manager, after understanding the situation told the guest that there was no other way but to wait for his turn. However, I was called to report and give my version regarding the complaint of my behaviour. There was a possibility of the manager to take the version of the guest and I might have been needed to bear the punishment or suspension. But I was firm and stated my position and my colleagues did support my case. Although, the guest infuriated by no action on the side of the management did wait for his turn. We did not compromise on the delivery standards and service when catering to his orders. Reflection Although, it is common sight to see guests get irritated when asked to wait, this was something which I did not expect to happen. It was one of kind of a guest who would rarely popup in any restaurant.…show more content…
After their dinner was over he called for a check and did not have any complaints of not including the unused dish which was recommended from our end. With the entire development as it was my suggestion, went ahead and asked the manager to not charge the customer for those dishes. After explaining the entire scenario the manager agreed. Upon not seeing the dish he categorically asked why it was not included and I went ahead and told him that it was courtesy from our end as that food did not meet what he was looking for and was a suggestion from our end. He was pretty pleased and seemed to be happy for the

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