Essay On Illiteracy

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When we were kids, one of our teachers taught us that being a literate and an educated person are extremely different things. Of course, I did not grasp the full magnitude of the sentence at the time. However, growing up I have realized the importance of a simple, yet, difficult to understand sentence. In simple terms, being literate means having the ability to read and write. On the other hand, being educated means to acquire knowledge to enhance one's ability to reason and develop sound judgment. A literate person may be able to read, write, and understand but is not necessarily aware or responsible. The problem with our society is that we are turning into a literate society rather than an educated one. Undeniably, illiteracy is the root cause of numerous socio-economic problems our country has been facing. At the same time, just being inclined towards increasing the literacy rate is not the ideal solution to curb these issues. We need to increase the moral values and sense of rationalism among the…show more content…
People, who talk of equality and liberty on social platforms to raise awareness, often become subject to the mockery of these pseudo-intellectual groups. Busy with criticizing people who have different views we soon forget the issue, which starts debate between two groups in the first place. For instance, a while back, people of the upper caste harassed a dalit woman, and some argued where the equality is, if we refer to the victim by her caste rather than as a woman in general. While another group pointed out the woman became a victim due to her caste. A few even started arguing about the special treatment and reservations, people of the lower caste benefit from and the major role, played by upper caste people in empowering the lower castes after independence. In the midst of this vain debate, everyone forgot that crimes based on caste discrimination still exist in our country and something must be done to solve
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